Strategic and targeted support to incentivise talented newcomers

to NMP projects under Horizon Europe


FIT-4-NMP Online Survey

Let’s discover together the Challenges limiting the participation of newcomers in NMP projects!

The aim of the survey is to understand the precise and possibly complex reasons for non-participation of newcomers in NMP projects, and to formulate suitable measures to tackle these problems.

The survey will take around 15-20 minutes to complete.

What is FIT-4-NMP

FIT-4-NMP’s overall objective is to increase the participation of talented newcomers from underrepresented regions in NMP projects in Horizon Europe, as compared to Horizon 2020. Talented newcomers are promising innovation organisations – especially SMEs – that have not participated in H2020 NMP. Meanwhile, underrepresented regions are regions in EU-13, EU-15 and Associated Countries with a low participation in H2020 NMBP. The increase in participation of the talented newcomers will be brought about by connecting them with NMP hotspots, where important NMP innovations are demonstrated, as well as networking them with NMP Top Innovators.

FIT-4-NMP focuses on innovators working in the following areas relevant to Horizon Europe


advanced Materials

New sustainable-by-design materials with enhanced functionalities and applications in a wide range of industrial processes and consumer product


Manufacturing technologies

Sustainable, flexible, responsive and resilient processes and factories, enabled by digitisation, AI, data sharing, advanced robotics and modularity


circular industries

Reduction of waste, virgin raw materials and energy and water consumption, mainly by transforming underused waste materials into feedstock for the process industries


clean industries

Reduced CO2 emissions and waste, enhanced durability, reparability and re-cycling of products/components, more efficient use of construction-generated data.

FIT-4-NMP provides strategic and targeted support to talented actors who

Work in research and innovation in one of the above fields

Have never applied for EU-funded projects, or failed with proposal application

Interested to get funding from Horizon Europe for further development of product/technology

Get involved:

Notebook and Pencil
Work Blur

Meet and network with top innovators in the field

FIT4-NMP will organize innovation workshops between talented newcomers and NMP Top Innovators

Improve your knowledge and skills

The project will provide training to talented newcomers on technology-transfer, proposal writing, and use of European networking portals

Receive support to prepare a winning proposal

We will provide hands-on support to talented newcomers to prepare NMP proposals for Horizon Europe

Want to get involved? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

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