Report on Europe’s leading research and innovation organisations in NMP

The report presents the results of the

work aimed to increase the participation of the talented newcomers in NMP research in Horizon Europe, by helping them to connect with Europe’s leading NMP research and innovation organisations, or so-called NMP top innovators. This work includes: categorising NMP domains and NMP subdomains, locating Europe’s top innovators and creating an interactive map, which can be used by talented newcomers to learn about and contact more easily top innovators whom they would like to collaborate with in NMP research for Horizon Europe.

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1st Press Release

FIT-4-NMP press release announcing the project start and describing objectives. 


FIT-4-NMP poster

FIT-4-NMP project poster A1 size. 

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Report on underrepresented regions and talented newcomers 

The report presents the results of the analysis of regional participation in H2020 NMP research based on H2020 data, describes the development and realisation of methodology to prepare a priority list of regions underrepresented in H2020 NMP research, and the procedure of identification and engagement of talented newcomers from these regions.

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FIT-4-NMP leaflet

FIT-4-NMP project online leaflet. 

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