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Report on Communication and Adoption of Best Practices and Policy Measures

This Report presents best practices of communication and presentation of policy measures to relevant stakeholders. The communication activities have been based on guidelines for communication activities identifying target groups, activities, and most relevant communication channels etc. The report sums up all activities provided by all project partners to successfully implement the task.

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Updated List of Talented Newcomers

This report presents an updated list of talented newcomers included in the FIT-4-NMP register based on their expression of interest in the FIT-4-NMP support measures. All of them are actively supported by the FIT-4-NMP in their intention and attempts to join Horizon Europe NMP research and contribute to the European industry's sustainability and leadership.

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Report on how to increase the participation of talented
newcomers in Horizon Europe NMP projects 

The report looks at good practices and experiences in the implementation of policy measures to support participation in the Horizon 2020 (H2020) programme and summarises the main areas of action that should be addressed at European, national, regional and institutional level in removing existing barriers to participation in the Horizon Europe (HE) programme.

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Report on Europe’s leading research and innovation organisations in NMP

The report presents the results of the

work aimed to increase the participation of the talented newcomers in NMP research in Horizon Europe, by helping them to connect with Europe’s leading NMP research and innovation organisations, or so-called NMP top innovators. This work includes: categorising NMP domains and NMP subdomains, locating Europe’s top innovators and creating an interactive map, which can be used by talented newcomers to learn about and contact more easily top innovators whom they would like to collaborate with in NMP research for Horizon Europe.

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1st Press Release

FIT-4-NMP press release announcing the project start and describing objectives.


FIT-4-NMP poster

FIT-4-NMP project poster A1 size.

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News release - Significant FIT-4-NMP results for 2 years

The news release describes the results of FIT-4-NMP project achieved for 2 years of project implementation in terms of both strategic and targeted support. 

It is also welcomes enquiries from new organisations who think they may qualify as a talented newcomer from an underrepresented region

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News release on free support for the Horizon Europe Hop-On Facility

FIT-4-NMP is offering free service to projects funded under the Pillar 2 or EIC pathfinder schemes to get engaged in the recently opened Hop-On Facility. This facility enables one additional participant from a Widening country to join the funded project, which does not already have a participant from a Widening country. FIT-4-NMP offers support to the consortium in finding such a participant and assistance with administrative procedures of the application.

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Report on challenges limiting the participation of talented newcomers in NMP projects

The report describes the results of the FIT-4-NMP survey, which was conducted among talented newcomers and national research and innovation policy experts, in order to understand the reasons for the low participation of newcomers in NMP projects in Horizon 2020. The survey questionnaire enabled to investigate three main issues relating to low participation: relevance to newcomers, barriers to participation, and ways to increase participation in Horizon Europe. The key findings of the questionnaire results analysis are presented in the Report.

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Report on underrepresented regions and talented newcomers 

The report presents the results of the analysis of regional participation in H2020 NMP research based on H2020 data, describes the development and realisation of methodology to prepare a priority list of regions underrepresented in H2020 NMP research, and the procedure of identification and engagement of talented newcomers from these regions.

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FIT-4-NMP leaflet

FIT-4-NMP project online leaflet.

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