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Success Story

FIT-4-NMP Facilitates Collaboration for Polish Talented Newcomer Working in Composites Recycling Field

NOMA RESINS Sp. z o. o., a research and development-focused Polish company specializing in resins and raw materials for composites manufacturing, has achieved significant results in its journey towards international collaboration. With a strong expertise in polymer chemistry and expanding business opportunities in the composites market, NOMA had not previously participated in any EU-funded projects. However, in 2021, the company seized the opportunity to receive support from the FIT-4-NMP team through its talented newcomers' identification and engagement campaign.

Through a series of training sessions and innovation workshops organized by the FIT-4-NMP project, NOMA's team gained valuable insights into participating in collaborative research and established connections with potential partners.


"Becoming part of the FIT-4-NMP Innovation Workshop in Dresden was a good opportunity for us," shares Bartłomiej Bereska, President of NOMA. "The workshop, which focused on high-performance composites, aligned perfectly with our area of expertise. We learned about the competencies and resources required to participate in Horizon Europe calls and proposals. Subsequently, FIT-4-NMP alerted us to the Hop-on Facility call, and we discovered that we could make a significant contribution to the Multi-level Circular Process Chain for Carbon and Glass Fibre Composites - MC4 project, one of the eligible projects."

​Facilitated by the Technology Partners Foundation, the Polish partner of FIT-4-NMP, direct negotiations were initiated between NOMA and the MC4 project coordinator, Austrian Profactor GMBH. The MC4 consortium recognized the potential of integrating NOMA's innovative technologies into the project, particularly in the recycling, processing, and reuse of polymer matrix constituents from recycled composites.


"We provided comprehensive support to NOMA during the negotiation process, helping them define their potential contributions and efforts for the MC4 project, and ultimately aiding in the preparation of the proposal," says Michal Towpik, Vice-President of the Technology Partners Foundation. "It's worth noting that the MC4 consortium was so impressed with NOMA's capabilities and potential added value that the company's staff was invited to the project kick-off meeting even before the hop-on application results were announced."


“When contacted by Technology Partners regarding the possibility to propose a newcomer for a joint Hop-on application, we presented very specific requirements regarding the profile of such an organization – it had to be a potential end user of the technologies developed within the project, ideally an SME”, says Dr. Christian Eitzinger, Head of Machine Vision Dept. at Profactor GMBH and co-ordinator of the MC4 project. “The candidate, quickly identified and proposed by Technology Partners fit perfectly, not only for the MC4 project, but also for other initiatives we were considering. As a result NOMA officially joined the MC4 project on April 2023 and in the same month we jointly submitted another application to a HE twin green and digital transition call.”

The grant agreement for the MC4-NOMA proposal has now been signed, and NOMA has begun its work as part of the consortium. This collaboration not only allows NOMA to leverage its expertise but also provides its staff with valuable opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills in transnational research management. Additionally, NOMA's involvement in the MC4 project will facilitate knowledge sharing between the MC4 partners and other composite stakeholders in Poland through NOMA’s membership in the Polish Cluster of Composite Technologies, paving the way for long-term win-win collaborations.


By getting FIT-4-NMP support and securing a place in the MC4 project, NOMA is poised to make significant strides in the field of composites recycling while benefiting from cross-border collaboration and fostering innovation within the European composites industry

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