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Region Analysis Results

To prepare the background for the FIT-4-NMP support activities, the project consortium identified and prioritised underrepresented regions in the H2020 NMP research.

  • The analysis covered 44 countries: EU-13 Member States, EU-15 Member States (MS) and H2020 Associated Countries (AC)

  • NUTS  classification was used to define the regions in the MS and some AC. For other countries NUTS 2 equivalent regions were defined following the national administrative division

  • 374 regions were analysed: 220 EU-15 regions; 61 EU-13 regions; 93 regions from AC


The regional participation in H2020 NMP research was analysed using openly available data on H2020 projects funded under the NMP-relevant topics and confidential data on H2020 proposals submitted to the same topics that the European Commission provided particularly for the purposes of this study.

The interctive map below visually presents the analysis results: project participation at country level, regional level and shows all underrepresented regions prioritised as a result of the FIT-4-NMP analysis.


Копия Обложка D1-1.jpg

Get acquainted with the comprehensive results of the analysis of regional participation in H2020 NMP in the FIT-4-NMP Report on Underrepresented regions and talented newcomers in H2020 NMP research

The map includes 3 pages.
Use arrows under the map to see all the results. Click on the region to see its data.

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