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Key Project Results in Figures
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strategic support

92 regions selected

187 talented newcomers  identified and  engaged, including 65 SMEs

150+ EU Top Innovators in NMP identified

128 respondents representing 26 countries              participated in on-line survey

5 valuable reports published

1 Innovation Policy Workshop held

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Targeted support

74 proposals involving talented newcomers were supported

6 innovation workshops with Top Innovators  held, focusing on 22 NMP-related calls and involving 64 talented newcomers 

​4 online and ​4 physical trainings for EC calls participation were held for 350+ participants in total

6 technology transfer training courses held for newcomers' representatives

106 travel grants awarded to newcomers to participate in events

FIT-4-NMP Support

to Newcomers to engage in Horizon Europe projects


RIA/IA Proposals

under the Horizon Europe Pillar 2 Cluster 4 Destinations “Climate Neutral, Circular and Digitised Production” and “Increased Autonomy in Key Strategic Value Chains for Resilient Industry

proposals submitted involving 21 talented newcomers


proposals sucessfully evaluated and selected for funding


proposals still under evaluation


Other Proposals

submitted to NMP-relevant calls, including Horizon Europe MSCA DN, RISE, Widening Twinning, Widening ERA-Chairs, COST, M-ERA.NET, etc.


proposals submitted involving  talented newcomers



proposals sucessfully evaluated and selected for funding



proposals still under evaluation


FIT-4-NMP travel grants statistics
Travel grants statistics.png

of Talented Newcomers, supported by FIT-4-NMP



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"Becoming part of the FIT-4-NMP Innovation Workshop in Dresden was a good opportunity for us. The workshop, which focused on high-performance composites, aligned perfectly with our area of expertise. We learned about the competencies and resources required to participate in Horizon Europe calls and proposals. Subsequently, FIT-4-NMP alerted us to the Hop-on Facility call, and we discovered that we could make a significant contribution to the Multi-level Circular Process Chain for Carbon and Glass Fibre Composites - MC4 project, one of the eligible projects. The grant agreement for the MC4-NOMA proposal has now been signed, and we had begun our work as part of the consortium."

Read the full story

Bartłomiej Bereska

President of NOMA Resins, Poland

Partner of a successful proposal MC4-NOMA 

submitted under Hop-On Facility call HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-ACCESS-07-01.

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