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Support to Ukrainian research community

The Commission and EU Member States work together at all levels to channel support to Ukraine. Here we gathered some of the initiatives supporting Ukrainian research community


European portal featuring both EU-wide initiatives and support provided by each EU country for refugee researchers and support staff from Ukraine.

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On this website you will find a wide range of paid academic positions for scientists (PhD student or above), academic transfer opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as temporary housing

Support to SMEs

The Enterprise Europe Network “Supply Chain Resilience” platform provides Ukrainian SMEs with a partner matchmaking tool to help overcome urgent needs and any disruption to value chain. The platform offers the opportunity to make targeted and time-efficient contacts with all actors in industry, academia and government.

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Support to Startups

The Ukrainian Startup Fund has created the SaveAUStartup platform, which connects Ukrainian startups (more than 250 registered companies) and foreign organizations and companies to provide financial assistance, professional services or relocation assistance to new offices. The aim of the platform is to support Ukrainian companies in their further activities - despite the circumstances in Ukraine.

Researchers at Risk Fellowships

The British Academy with Cara (the Council for At-Risk Academics) is establishing a Researchers at Risk Fellowships Programme. The Programme aims to complement and be additional to the work already being done by UK universities and research institutes, enabling them to provide additional two-year fellowships to Ukrainian-based researchers at risk.

The Pre-Announcement of the programme is publsihed. 

Horizon for Ukraine

Opportunities in Horizon-funded research & innovation projects are presented at the EC's funding and Tenders Portal. Displaced researchers or other specialists from Ukraine can search here for opportunities to become involved in ongoing EU-funded research & innovation projects. These opportunities are announced by beneficiaries in such projects in different thematic areas.

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