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Manufacturing-as-a-Service & Industry 5.0 Innovation Workshop in INESC-TEC
Porto, 26-27.01.2023

The workshop was hosted by INESC-TEC, Porto. The workshop concept, its leadership and moderation were delivered by Technology Partners Foundation in close collaboration with Łukasiewicz-Orgmasz CFI team acting as co-organisers and co-moderators. The discussion focused on three calls:

  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-07: Achieving resiliency in value networks through modelling and Manufacturing as a Service (Made in Europe Partnership) (RIA)

  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-52: Drivers and success factors for progress towards Industry 5.0 (RIA) 

  • HORIZON-CL4-2023-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-08: Foresight and technology transfer for Manufacturing as a Service (Made in Europe Partnership) (CSA)


The overall goals of the Innovative Workshop included:

  • Acquiring knowledge and understanding of the ambitions, competences, and resources relevant to the potential calls and proposals.

  • Reaching a common understanding of the innovation challenges in the scope of the respective calls.

  • Framework building for possible project consortia leading to joint proposals.


15 European experts from 4 countries took part in the workshop, representing 7 RTOs and 1 large industrial company (including 6 Newcomers). It gave us a unique opportunity to discuss proposals from many different points of view and development priorities.

The event was divided into two workshops:

  • Workshop #1: Innovation potential of foresight and technology transfer for Manufacturing-as-a-Service, modeling of value networks. Challenges of the Made in Europe Partnership. Goals and priorities

  • Workshop #2: Drivers and success factors for progress towards Industry 5.0. Innovation potential foresight, goals, and priorities.

Brainstorming and teamwork using the foresight-driven consortium co-creation technique, resulted in a couple of project proposal ideas for further analysis and development.

Moreover, the participants had a unique opportunity to visit the Industry Innovation Laboratories of INESC TEC (IILAB). They were introduced to the most recent developments of the IILab, including industrial robots applications and programming as well as the innovative use of eXtended Reality technology.

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