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High-Performance and Sustainable Composites Innovation Workshop
Dresden, 13-14.10.22

The workshop was hosted by Technische Universität Dresden Institut für Leichtbau und Kunststofftechnik (ILK) with the support of the TU Dresden European Project Center. TU Dresden is one of the Top Innovators identified by the FIT-4-NMP.

The workshop concept, its leadership and moderation was delivered by Technology Partners Foundation in close collaboration with Łukasiewicz-Orgmasz CFI team acting as co-organisers and co-moderators. 

The discussion focused on two topics related to the High-Performance and Sustainable Composites:

  • Energy efficiency breakthroughs in the process industries.

  • Development of safe and sustainable by design alternatives.

The overall goals of the Innovative Workshop included:

  • Acquiring knowledge and understanding of the ambitions, competencies, and resources relevant to the potential Horizon Europe calls and proposals.

  • Reaching a common understanding of the innovation challenges in the scope of the respective calls.

  • Framework building for possible project consortia leading to joint proposals.

24 European experts from 6 countries took part in the workshop, including 11 Newcomers and four representatives of the process and manufacturing industry.


We managed to gather representatives of institutions active at all TRL levels: institutes of science academies, R&D institutions, technology suppliers and manufacturers of finished products. It gave us a unique opportunity to discuss proposals from many different points of view and development priorities.

Brainstorming and teamwork using the foresight-driven consortium co-creation technique, resulted in several project proposal ideas for further analysis and development.

Moreover, the participants visited laboratories and stands for testing and research of new materials and technologies at ILK. 

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