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Horizon Europe proposal writing training
workshops in Armenia

FIT-4-NMP coordinator Giles Brandon recently gave two Horizon Europe proposal writing training workshops in Yerevan, Armenia.


Held during 20-21 September, the training workshops gathered participants from the Institute for Physical Research, Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian-Armenian University, Yerevan State University and the Scientific and Innovation Partnership Center.


The first training workshop was focused on several coordination and support actions (CSA) funded under the Horizon Europe Widening programme (Twinning, ERA-Chair and Hop-On Facility) while the second training workshop was focused on research and innovation actions (RIA) and innovation actions (IA) funded under Horizon Europe Pillar 2 (Clusters 4 and 5).


During the practical trainings, Mr Brandon drew upon his many years of experience of successful proposal writing to provide examples of proposal structure, text and figures to support researchers with their proposal writing.

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Presentation Slides

Training slides - Horizon Europe Widening programme

Training slides - Horizon Europe Pillar 2

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