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FIT-4-NMP Networking Session
at SMMT-2021 Conference
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On 19 October 2021, the FIT-4-NMP project held an online networking session in the frame of the International Conference “Advanced Material Science. Materials and Technologies” (SMMT-2021), organised as a hybrid event by the G. V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

During the networking events, the FIT-4-NMP project and support services were promoted to the conference participants by Mrs Lina Smovziuk to engage promising organisations with potential in the NMP field to the FIT-4-NMP talented newcomer pool.

After the introductory presentation, Dr Iryna Bilan, Horizon 2020 NCP in Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing (NMP), presented the prospects of international cooperation in the NMP field the framework of the Horizon Europe Programme. She paid particular attention to the European material science background and initiatives, Horizon Europe structure and NMP funding opportunities ahead.

Also, five prominent Ukrainian and Moldavian organisations presented their capacities and interests in Horizon Europe NMP topics. See the video records and presentation slides below to learn more about the talented Ukrainian and Moldavian newcomers and expand your collaboration network. The video records and the respective presentations’ slides are courtesy of authors and may not be copied or disseminated without the prior author’s approval.

Presentation Slides

Dr. Lina SMOVZIUK, International R&D project manager, Intelligentsia Consultants Sàrl, Luxembourg

Dr. Iryna Bilan (Horizon 2020 NCP Nanotechnologies, Advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and processing, Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Material Sciences of NASU, Ukraine)

Andrey Sarikov (V. Lashkaryov Institue of Semiconductor Physics of NASU, Ukraine)

Elena Achimova (Institute of Applied Physics, Moldova)

Dr. Yehor Brodnikovsky (Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Material Sciences of NASU, Ukraine)

Dr. Eduard Monaico National Center for Materials Study and Testing from Technical University of Moldova, Republic of Moldova

Electron-beam physical vapor deposition (EB PVD) method

Gornostai Oleksii (International Center for Electron Beam Technologies of E.O.Paton Electric Welding
Institute, Ukraine)

  Video Records
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