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FIT-4-NMP 2nd Tech Transfer Interactive Workshop

14 & 15 June 2022
Riga, Latvia

Academia and Industry: Introduction to Tech Transfer and Collaborations


This workshop is designed for people responsible for setting up collaborations between academia and industry, wishing to expand their skills and deepen their knowledge of the intricacies of research and development collaborations between academia and industry.


Learning Objectives

  • A broad overview of the fields covered by Knowledge Transfer Officers and offices;

  • Cover the basic output of a KTO / TTO;

  • Gain insights into patenting and patent evaluation, and the licensing process;

  • Develop the rudimentary tools for dealing with inventions, inventors, licensees, founders and potential cooperation partners;

  • Increase knowledge on setting up a spin-off company, including the broad financing possibilities;

  • Handling communication between academia and industry within collaborations

  • Managing expectations

See the Agenda to learn more about the training topics. 

Workshop Organiser


ASTP ( is a non-profit member’s organisation committed to knowledge transfer among universities and industry. Our focus is to further improve the quality of impact that public research has on the economy and society. Established in 2000 by a group of leading practitioners, ASTP’s focus is to provide outstanding training and practice that supports member special interests, to advocate for the profession on the international stage and to enable the building of professional networks.




This training is organised exclusively for pre-selected experts from the FIT-4-NMP underrepresented regions. If you are invited to participate in the training, please, provide your details below.

By clicking the "Submit" button you give us the Informed Consent for personal data collection according to the conditions presented in this Information Sheet. Please follow the link and read the conditions carefully before submission. 

Thanks for your registration! We will contact you soon to provide further details and instructions.

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