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FIT-4-NMP 5th Tech Transfer Interactive Workshop

On the 26th and 27th of October, 2023 the FIT-4-NMP project held a 5th Tech Transfer Interactive Workshop. The Workshop was held on-site in Bratislava, Slovakia.


The workshop was hosted by our Slovakian partner IMSAS. The content of the workshop was designed and delivered by the project partner ASTP.

FIT-4-NMP project gathered 30 participants from underrepresented regions at the training, whose travel costs to Prague have been covered by the project. They all were people responsible for setting up collaborations between academia and industry in their respective organizations, wishing to expand their skills and deepen their knowledge of the intricacies of research and development collaborations between academia and industry.

Visiting the event in Bratislava was a perfect opportunity for skills development and networking between the experts from underrepresented regions and the FIT-4-NMP consortium partners. Every participant had an opportunity to present his/her organization and research profile through the presentation slides.

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